About Us

the pensive scholar photographer

Harry Rubacuori graduated from New York University with degrees in Finance, International Business, and Environmental Studies. He plans to return to school for a dual Spanish and Urban Planning program, further fulfilling his interest in culture and demographic shifts around the world.

As a photographer his favorite subjects to follow are youngsters and the elderly, for they sit on opposite ends of the human experience spectrum. Think of this; we all dedicate our entire lives to differentiate ourselves- to be more beautiful, more wealthy, more beloved than everyone else- forgetting that we all come into and leave this world in similar fashion… naked, helpless, hoping not to be forgotten.

He enjoys international travel as a means to slowly piece together the evolution of human society; through well preserved or ruined palaces, towering religious complexes, abandoned agricultural sites, and homes of the ordinary, seemingly insignificant individuals whose collective efforts built and vanquished the greatest civilizations.

He currently serves as a Peace Corps China volunteer, as a TEFL Instructor



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