Mid-Summer Goodbyes

The Peace Corps 21 cohort has finished up their service here in China. The past few weeks I’ve been running around Lanzhou bidding farewell to the gang that got here a year before me.

I’m grateful for their guidance over the past year, and the many moments of camaraderie we shared over 501 Coffee, at the clubs M2 and COLORS with horrendous DJs (“put your fucking hands up!! 1… 2… 3…!!! 你们HI了没?!?”), or under Zhong Shan Bridge on warmer nights with beer and tea gazing out to the rushing, murky waters of the Yellow River.

Fullscreen capture 7172017 92816 PM.bmp
Bobby and Susan- the best sitemate and honorary sitemate i could have ever asked for. MISS YOU both!!!

Kyle is heading back to the states as well! One less foreign teacher using the BOOK NOOK and randomly assigning grades between 75 and 96 for speech contests =]

Fullscreen capture 7172017 92835 PM.bmp
Kyle sippin’ his San Pao Tai tea

Marni, the volunteer who taught at my school from the Peace Corps China 20 cohort, came back to visit for a week! We snapped a rare photo of 3 generations of PCVs under one roof; I told bobby he must come back this time next year, to get a China 21- 22 – 23 photo.

Fullscreen capture 7172017 94028 PM.bmp
Lanzhou U of Arts and Science PCV 20/ 21/ 22

I’m sad to see these friends go home, but I know everyone is moving onto better things for the future, and I look forward to many more reunions in the years to come- either on American soil, in China, or some other country with this gang of globe trekkers!


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