This past Thursday, my 4:30 PM Oral English class was completely empty- I freaked and thought I accidentally went to the wrong room, when I remembered the morning class telling me there was a dance competition in the afternoon, at the north campus. With this in mind, I took a brisk walk over to see what the fuss was about.

Fullscreen capture 6182017 113527 PM.bmp
cheerleading competition underway

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Foreign Experts take Linxia

The Gansu Bureau of Foreign Experts heads to Linxia!


In late May, I jumped on the opportunity to take part in the annual foreign experts trip, this time to the town of Linxia! Linxia is known as the “Little Mecca” of China; just over 50% of its residents are Hui (Muslim Chinese) and there are several other ethnic minorities based in the city, including the Turkic Salar group.

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i need those glasses!

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At my school in Lanzhou, breakups and relationship drama are a very public affair. Young couples will make a scene outside the front gate of the north campus for everyone to see. The guy always looks angry and talks loudly, while the girl (she usually wears a baseball cap, maybe to better hide her mascara-streaked face) silently cries at the prospect of getting dumped by this loser over a misunderstanding that probably wasn’t her fault.

And the rest of us pretend to go on with our lives but we keep looking over our shoulder every ten seconds.

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