i went to Yuzhong for a hike last week, to celebrate turning 28

Fullscreen capture 562017 40130 PM.bmp.jpg

due to the colder climate there, the grass had not yet turned green, so it looked like a scene out of lord of the rings (gondor? rohan? mordor?! “one does not simply…“) the brooks were quietly babbling though, with icy snow meltwater from the peaks in the distance.

Fullscreen capture 562017 40203 PM.bmp

two things came to mind during this non-alcoholic trip:

  1. time flies by when you’re staying busy. (I’ve been in China for ten months now! unbelievable)
  2. i truly feel much younger than 28 – maybe 22 ? – and hopefully i look it, too! 😉 Now you know, acting like a middle schooler 24/7 helps prevent wrinkles/ fine lines, significant weight gain, and hair loss

One thought on “28

  1. Donna-Marie May 11, 2017 / 10:47 am

    A very happy Birthday to you!!! I cannot believe ur 28, u look much younger (even younger than 22)! Wow 10 months. I love reading ur blog. Very fascinating. Life is the same at Citi, so ur missing nothing, just the people. Take care, I think of u often. Be well, enjoy ur adventures and stay safe!!

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