“FEMINIST” 女权主义者

In 2017, the words feminism and feminist– along with “artisanal,” “hand-crafted,” “cold-pressed,” and “locally sourced” – have become so overused, commercialized, and so terribly distorted from their origins that they now have ZERO. MEANING. AT ALL. The bar is set so low that any human with a pulse and two X chromosomes is automatically a feminist. For example:

  • A girl eating a cheeseburger in public? Feminist!
  • A woman who smiles and says hello in the elevator? Feminist!
  • A woman who scowls and stares at the ceiling of the elevator? Even more of a feminist! (because she chose not to smile and say hello! She scowled and looked away, on her own terms, duhh!!)

My students deserve better than the diminished, diluted, near-pathetic lens that feminism is now discussed and celebrated in mainstream America. To clear the confusion, I made some slides to explain what female empowerment does *NOT* look like:

Fullscreen capture 4252017 90033 PM.bmp

Entertainers who burden themselves with several pounds of makeup, hair extensions/ micro-weaves, and generous injections of silicone throughout their bodies – all done to cater to the male gaze – are not helping women achieve equality in education, at home, or in the workplace

Fullscreen capture 4252017 90040 PM.bmp
Taylor and her eugenics-approved “squad”

Picking friends based on their race, height, and BMI – also not feminism

Fullscreen capture 4252017 105735 PM.bmp

Nepotism has no place in 21st century America!

Luckily, Forbes provides an annual list of influential women who worked hard, used their brains, and have become leaders in politics/ science/ corporations/ NGOs… women who have at many points surpassed their male counterparts in ability and talent, and are changing and shaping the world. Some women I covered in class:

Margaret Chan, Naomi Klein, Indrya Nooyi, Ursula Burns, Angela Merkel, Tsai Ying-Wen, Federica Mogherini, Navi Pillay, Malala Yousafzai

Now, it was my students’ turn to pick influential women:


Wu Zetian!

Yang Guifei!

Cixi Dowager!

“Wait wait wait. Each group must also pick at least one women who is both a foreigner and alive



Helen Keller!”


“Audrey Hepburn!

“also dead”

Margaret Thatcher!

“still dead!”

After more brainstorming, the kids made their posters. Here are some highlights…

Fullscreen capture 4252017 95256 PM.bmp
On the poster: The founder of “old grandma hotsauce”, Angela Merkel, Peng Liyuan, an imperial concubine, and the coach of China’s Olympic gold medal volleyball team
Fullscreen capture 4252017 100247 PM.bmp
close up of the founder of 老干妈 hot sauce. half of china would be dead without her mouth numbing spice!
Fullscreen capture 4252017 95305 PM.bmp
Michelle Obama, Margaret Thatcher, and Somali born model/ activist Waris Dirie (several groups wrote about her fight against female genital mutilation, I’m surprised by her fame in Lanzhou)
Fullscreen capture 4252017 100240 PM.bmp
of course, Mulan. every class had a poster on Mulan, the Northern Wei Dynasty female warrior turned disney princess

me: can someone please ask one good question about Mulan’s accomplishments?

Melody: did Mulan have a boyfriend?

and then the last group brought up a poster of the Statue of Liberty

Fullscreen capture 4252017 95544 PM.bmp

I was annoyed, since she is a mass of oxidized copper and therefore not a real person

“Please explain why you are presenting on a statue”

“The Statue of Liberty stands for friendship and freedom. She is a symbol of courage and hope for all people who are poor, sick, and tired. Helping others when they need it the most is what female empowerment is all about.”


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