“FEMINIST” 女权主义者

In 2017, the words feminism and feminist– along with “artisanal,” “hand-crafted,” “cold-pressed,” and “locally sourced” – have become so overused, commercialized, and so terribly distorted from their origins that they now have ZERO. MEANING. AT ALL. The bar is set so low that any human with a pulse and two X chromosomes is automatically a feminist. For example:

  • A girl eating a cheeseburger in public? Feminist!
  • A woman who smiles and says hello in the elevator? Feminist!
  • A woman who scowls and stares at the ceiling of the elevator? Even more of a feminist! (because she chose not to smile and say hello! She scowled and looked away, on her own terms, duhh!!)

My students deserve better than the diminished, diluted, near-pathetic lens that feminism is now discussed and celebrated in mainstream America. To clear the confusion, I made some slides to explain what female empowerment does *NOT* look like:

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Lanzhou Lamian, RANKED

Up until recently, Lanzhou was only famous for two things: the worst air pollution in all of China, and hand pulled beef noodles (lamian 拉面). Since the air quality in this city has miraculously improved in recent years, Lanzhou’s reputation now solely hinges on its thousands of restaurants selling hand pulled beef noodles.

Thankfully, Lanzhou Lamian is so, so, so DELICIOUS.

Fullscreen capture 4172017 95749 PM.bmp

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“Hey Youssef! I’m going to have a big steak barbeque next weekend. I know you’re missing home – so, don’t worry – it will be TEXAS STYLE!

(Actually, I’m not homesick, and I’ve never been to Texas. But I played along)

“Awesome, thanks! Where will it be?!”

Jason thought for a few seconds. Then his face lit up

“we’re going to a Happy Farm!

Fullscreen capture 482017 10758 PM.bmp
one interpretation of a happy farm

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