Short Stories November Edition: Election, BSB, Black Friday


(Early November, in class 3)

Me: so you have all read what Mr. Trump had to say about women, Mexicans, immigrants, and Muslims. Do you think he would make a good leader for ANY country in the world?

Susan: HE’S RICH AND HAS A LOT OF HOUSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Chasing FengShui: YanTan Bird, Fish, and Flower Market

A while back I wanted to bring up the Feng Shui level in my apartment- the living room was a bit drab- and could use the lift that only live plants and goldfish could provide. I asked around and eventually was told to visit the YanTan Bird, Fish, and Flower Market, which was walking distance from my old apartment. So I paid a visit… It was INSANE. TOTAL CHINA CRAZY


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Teacher Cheng is GOING BROKE.

More accurately, I’m extremely illiquid at the moment, as one of my American bank cards expired and it’s no longer capable of pumping out a waterfall of pink 100 RMB bills on command at the local ATM.

my new life: saving these 1/10 RMB bills for a snack..

This means I’m reduced to surviving off of the Peace Corps stipend, something like 50RMB ($7.50) a day. Now that the unthinkable has happened (a lot of unthinkable things happened recently!), it’s time to cut back on spending. I’m at the point where every Kuai and RMB counts; here’s how I’m coping: Continue reading

Weekend in HeZuo to see Milarepa Monastery

Last week, Zhang Ze (café owner) says he’s going to Gannan and invites us to join him. He is a quarter Tibetan, and he makes an annual pilgrimage to HeZuo to pray at the Tibetan monastery complex there. Though it’s freezing now in Gansu, I’m always up for an adventure, and the weather is set to be sunny so I’m happy to go. Two guys dropped out last minute, so it was just three of us meeting at the bus station Saturday morning at 9:30AM

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